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article thumbnailGetting enough good quality sleep is important for our health and wellbeing. When we are deprived of sleep it can affect our memory, mood, reaction times and quality of life. If you’re not sleeping well, talk to your GP about booking a sleep study and make your sleep health a priority in 2017....
article thumbnailIn order to assist you with your healthy new years’ resolutions, Genesis SleepCare is pleased to provide a complimentary CPAP therapy and equipment review. Changes to your health and lifestyle such as BMI, age, blood pressure, smoking and drinking status can impact CPAP therapy requirements. If...
article thumbnailDo you suffer from snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness or restless sleeps? If you experience one or more of the below symptoms, it is possible you may have a sleep disorder. The common symptoms of many sleep problems or disorders are:Loud snoring Excessive daytime sleepiness despite a 'good'...

    Genesis Logo Small.pngGenesisCare is Australia’s leading provider of radiation oncology, cardiology and sleep treatments. We exist to fill the treatment gap for the biggest disease burdens in Australia - cancer and heart care - in an environment of substantial unmet demand from an ageing population. Click here to learn more