Portable Home Sleep Study

Portable Home Sleep Study

Genesis SleepCare Queensland offers portable (home) sleep studies where appropriate. After showering and changing into your sleeping attire or loose clothing, patients are required to arrive at their nearest 'setup' location late in the afternoon or early evening – you will be advised of the exact time when booking... Including paperwork, this process will take around 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

After recording a number of measurements, including your blood pressure, height, weight and neck circumference, a number of electrodes are applied to your head and body.
The process is non-invasive. During sleep, the device will monitor and record signals including brain activity, breathing rate, body position, muscle effort, oxygen level and heart rate and rhythm.

We ask you to return the sleep monitoring device to the 'setup' location the morning after your study. The data will be downloaded and your results will be analysed and reviewed by one of our Sleep Scientists and Sleep Physicians.

Clinically severe results are noted immediately during analysis, and a preliminary notice is forwarded to your Doctor to expedite treatment. Otherwise your Referring Doctor can expect your results within 2 weeks.

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